Is “Pre-Comp anxiety” a real diagnosis?

So here we are looking into the future of this year’s BBQ competition season. I am trying not to plan too far in advance and more or less take it one weekend at a time. I’m not going to try and let it consume each available weekend, unless of course we are on a hot streak but we’ll look at that if it happens. It is always a basket full of emotions and feelings. There are plenty of laughs and jokes. Friendly razzing and lending of hands. There are even a fair share of disappointments as well. Take all of that and you have a bit of anxiety.

  1. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

It’s the moments that lead up to the first competition of the year that really seem to sit heavy on me and have my mind going 100 mph trying to sort everything out. Sleep? HA! I may do that, but the quality isn’t always the greatest.

I have tried to prepare for this competition a little bit at a time so as to not overdo it and take it easy, but that still isn’t working. Just thinking about the level of competition at this event is crazy. Hearing our name called could easily be missed by a small fraction of a point.

Taking this to my mind, has made my appetite unpredictable. Feel hungry but can’t think of anything to eat. Plus, I think I have been visiting the bathroom more times than a food poisoning victim that caught the flu and drank a laxative by mistake.

The good news is that these symptoms do seem to settle down as the year goes along.

So if there are any Psychiatrist out there looking to do a paper on something new, get a hold of me, I might just make you famous.


3 comments on “Is “Pre-Comp anxiety” a real diagnosis?

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