Every opinion comes with a consequence

I have always said that the BBQ community is full of great people. They always seem to be willing to help the other guy, whether he is a friend or a stranger. I have seen this through volunteering with Operation BBQ Relief and within the world of BBQ Competitions. Cooks are willing to give of themselves so that the other guy has a fair chance and usually not ask for anything in return.
I have even given of myself to help a local guy get up and running. This may have only been from providing advice and supporting him while he was vending, but advice can be a valuable bit of help. I did this even as I was operating a catering and sauce company. I never did this to get anything in return, but truly wanted to help what I thought was a decent guy succeed with his dream.

Yesterday, I was hit with a bit of reality as to the character of this guy and subsequently ended my ties/”friendship” with him and no longer will support his business.

While I was scrolling through Facebook I noticed a conversation that he was apart of. Someone had accused him of not cleaning up a softball field after he used it. Through the numerous heated replies the following comments were made:

“I don’t owe soldiers nothing B***h”

“The military huh?? F**k the military b***h”

There was also comments made about soldiers deserving PTSD because they volunteered for the military.

Now I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and just because I don’t agree with it doesn’t make it wrong. But I also believe that you should be ready to accept the consequences of those opinions.

The owner of the business is Justin Shaw and the business name is Dogg Pound BBQ out of Covington IN. Please pass this information along those that have served proudly in our military as I would hate for Justin to benefit financially from a group of people that he has so little respect for.


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