Starting a different kind of fire

Here I go again, with another BBQ idea.

It all started with me needing to end my competition season early and for an unknown length of time. It was always said in the beginning that if it was no longer fun then it wasn’t worth doing. Unfortunately the fun of it left my family this year. It’s still something that I will consider/want to pick back up in the future, so I am not out forever, just not sure when.

So with that, it has left me with a lot of free time to think about BBQ. You can take me out of it, but you can’t take it out of me.

One of the many thoughts that I had was “Why isn’t there a website that rates BBQ competitions?”. Also, we is it that I always seem to type ‘comeptitions’ instead of ‘competitions’. Go back and see how many times I have typed that word, that is how many times I’ve corrected it.

OK back on track. It amazes me that teams had to rely on word of mouth, from hopefully a reliable and honest team as to what an event was like. All it could possibly take for a competition to lose teams, is one team with a large following to speak bad of that event. When actually it may have been a great event it but that team just happened to be in a bad spot.

So I have taken the initiative and came up with a rating system that is weight based and comes from teams filling out a short survey after they attend an event.

I hope this takes off and get huge, as I am already thinking about 300 steps ahead of where I am at now. Not sure that my wife will appreciate it as much as I will though.

If you are a team, or know a team competing, please take a moment to take the survey after you compete. It will hopefully be a huge win for everybody.