Knoxville TN day 2

After a peaceful night’s rest. I woke up the next morning and had my routine pot of coffee. The day of setting up continued as usual except we weren’t as rushed.

Once the meat inspection was completed, I hopped onto prepping the chicken. I hate working on chicken if it is hot outside, and it was definitely working on heating up.

After we finished our jobs we started walking around and meeting some new teams. That is a benefit of competing in a new area, you get to meet new friends. One of the new teams we befriended was “Nibble Me This” Guess what he has a blog also.

Speaking of meeting friends, that afternoon Erik and his family made it out to visit us. That really made the event great. It’s nice to be able to get a break from the routine and get caught up with friends. Erik had said how he was interested in comp BBQ, so guess what I put him to work for a little bit. Once the big meats were trimmed, they suggested we go out for dinner. Now that is a welcomed invite for sure. It really is nice to get away from the site and some different places. Even if it isn’t very far, it’s still different.

This was quickly becoming the best contest ever.

After dinner we made our way back to the cook site and got back to the routine. The weather was turning out to be perfect for cooking, not too hot and not too cold, with a slight breeze to keep the smoke blowing.

The cook went as normal as could be, for the first part. Then the meats started to stall and not break over.

The ribs which have been overcooking all year, suddenly decided to take their sweet time once I adjusted for their quick cooking. I struggled to get them done enough. I had to crank the temp up on the smoker to try and get them done.

Chicken thighs cooked fast and the breasts cooked slow.

The 4 butts that I brought for the comp were stalled, while the 2 that were provided for people’s choice cooked right on time.

I felt as though I was running around all morning checking temps. This was the first time that I didn’t even really use the Cambro.

Come turn in time I was truly pulling meat straight from the cooker and sorting it then. Not much of it really pleased me, it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great.

I wished we had taken more pics, but we were rushing to get something turned in that we were happy with. Pushed one entry to within about 1 minute of the turn in time.

The only category we thought we had a good shot at was the chicken. But as history has shown that isn’t always the case.

4:30 the awards started and we listened to all of the names in the chicken category get called, except our’s. Rib category was the same way, but we didn’t think we had a shot with them.

Pork started getting called out and Leslie was getting ready to head back to the RV to finish packing some things, when suddenly we heard the unexpected.

“Second place pork goes to ’82’s BBQ Crew'”

I am glad that we were the only team with ’82’ in the name because before he could say anymore than that, I had jumped up from my seat gave a pretty good “WOOHOO!!!!”

I really didn’t mean to make a big scene, but the emotion of it caught me first. Tell me this picture doesn’t prove how happy I was. This was a big win considering the caliber of teams that were there.



This definitely made the drive home a bit easier.

We had a fantastic cook, but so did everyone else. At the end of the day here is how we did.

Out of 48 teams

Chicken 27th with a score of 166.8228

Ribs 45th with a score of 157.0744

Pork 2nd with a score of 173.7028 (new high score for us)

Brisket 20th with a score of 165.1200 (new high score for us)

Overall 24th with a score of 662.7200



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