Knoxville TN Day 1

This past weekend’s competition took us to Knoxville TN. This one would make for the longest traveled. It is approximately 445 miles (6.5 hours) from home. Typically I don’t like to drive this far for a competition, but I made an exception. As with most exceptions to things, it suited an agenda.This time the agenda was getting to hopefully visit with some great friends. They just so happen to live in the Knoxville area. 

For some reason I couldn’t get it together to be prepared in advance. Things like prepping my meat and making our boxes at home, in the air conditioning never really made it to the top of my list. I did on the other hand have everything else ready to go days in advance. This was actually more important than prepping because we needed to leave as soon as I got off work. Figuring we could be on the road by no later than 10. That should put us there around 6pm EST. That works perfect with plenty of time to loosely set up, unwind and relax for the night. Heck I might even prep my chicken then.

10:20 – We left town a little behind schedule, but nothing major. This will be a low stress trip.

A quick stop to Restaurant Depot for meats and supplies and we were back on the road. It really is nice to travel without any major problems. 

I spoke too soon, 3 hours in and we suddenly come to a screeching halt. Apparently I-65 south of Seymour IN no longer exists. I am serious, the pavement is gone and from I saw there was only 1 guy hired to work on it. This meant being diverted into the country on a 2-lane highway. Now just think about that for a minute. 2 lanes of cars, trucks and semis are now being rerouted onto 1 lane. I don’t see how this could be a problem.

This created a 9.6 mi major slow down. How slow you ask? We were avg 10 mph. So theoretically we lost 50 minutes +/-.

After we finally got back on the interstate it was smooth sailing again. Heck even the weather was holding out. 

Once we hit Louisville, I realized I made the mistake earlier and said smooth sailing again. The GPS told me I couldn’t go the way that I wanted to and instead sent me on a 10 mile detour, again!!!

At least this time we were still on the interstate. Oh yeah but guess what time it is? Yup 4:30 and rush hour is beginning. 

UGH!!!! I just want to be there already and we are still about 4 hours away. 

Oh yeah while I am thinking about, could someone please put out a memo to the drivers of KY and TN that I am pretty sure you won’t get pulled over for doing 5 mph over. If I am wrong please correct me.

We finally got to the competition location about 1 hour before they stopped assigning spots to the teams for the night and situated. Those guys were awesome for being so understanding. They even had guys still out there working on getting everything ready to go for the morning. 

Unfortunately our plans to meet up with our friends that night fell through due to our late arrival, but tomorrow would be a new day.






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