2014 has begun

As you are reading this, my son and I are on our way to the first of hopefully many successful BBQ competitions.

This is going to be a bit of a sentimental and special one for me, because I don’t get the chance to do a lot with him. My work schedule keeps me gone most of the time and when I am home we are busy running around getting caught up.

The past couple days off have been even busier. Until you actually compete, you can’t imaging the amount of work that teams may go through in order to get ready for the upcoming event.

I have driven over 200 miles may last day off just getting supplies ready and before that I had spent the day loading up the motorhome and trying to finish waxing it. Still need to finish that.

Today while at work I have been trimming meat so we don’t have to worry about it when we get there. If all goes as planned, and it never seems to, we should arrive in London KY late afternoon or early evening.

Yes I have been getting nervous, trying not to second guess my game plan and trying not to stress out too much about being prepared. This feeling always seems to present itself before the first comp of the season and by the end I’m usually not giving things much of a second thought.

So to all of you that are out cooking, whether you’re doing it with family, friends or drunken cohorts, may you have the best time doing it.

That’s what BBQ is about. And if you don’t mind sending us a little bit of luck, we’d sure appreciate it.


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