The jitters are starting

The 2014 BBQ competition season is just around the corner and with that comes a bit of stress, some sleeplessness and hopefully a lot of great memories.

I say it all the time, a sleepless night BBQ’n is better than a sleepless night at work.

The days leading up to our first competition are going to be pretty full. It may still be a week away but for me that means only 2 more days off to get things done. It is amazing at the amount of time spent preparing for a competition. When you consider a double full-time work schedule, normal family errands and time to just relax, it can become a tad overwhelming trying to get supplies, trim food and stock up the motorhome.

Then hoping for a slow night so I can make the 6 hr drive immediately after getting off of work, so I can get set up in time to attend the cook’s meeting. Then prep meat, start cooking and broken sleep.

Man I am getting excited all over again, the first comp jitters are beginning. Wish us luck, we’re gonna need it after looking at the team list.

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