The build

Getting to build stage seemed like it just wasn’t going to happen, a little dramatic but I am impatient. Which really doesn’t seem like that would be a trait that someone that smokes food would have, Oh look right turn Albuquerque.

Sorry back on track.

It seemed like my UDS kit, yes I bought and kit instead of doing it all myself, was never going to get here. I really wish UPS would allow you to track the exact vehicle that your package is in, but I’m pretty sure Homeland Security has issues with that. Damn you government regulations, DAMN YOU!!! I think I can give up some security to know where my package is.

Of course the tracking info said that it would be delivered by the end of the day, but that means at the end of their day come to find out, which is 7pm. I mean honestly who wants to get a package at 7 pm? Not this guy. OK if it came to it yes I would accept the package at 7, but I wouldn’t have a smile on my face. OK yes I would have a smile but only after closing the door on the delivery guy.

Back to the topic.

After pacing around all day, checking the status and finally getting a text from my mother-in-law that it was delivered at her house. I had my package in hand


I immediately torn into it with great care. This was one project that I was going to savor every moment.

The great thing about this kit is that there is no cutting or welding required. Only drilling.

I really didn’t feel like working outside that much so I figured inside the house was a pretty warm place to work.

uds in home

I believe my wife’s exact word was “JASEN?!?!?!?” Which translates into, “I don’t know what you think you are about to do but if it is what I think you are going to do you will be sleeping on the couch for a long time if you don’t take that outside right now”.

I told her “What? I am only bringing it inside to make the holes. I’m not dumb enough to drill into metal on the carpet” actually I probably would have done the drilling inside also had she not caught me.

I pulled up the official UDS build video on YouTube to give some extra guidance. The kit came with paper templates which was a huge help. The videos instructions were pretty clear, except for the part where you drill 4 holes for the food rack and not 3. Yeah I goofed up one part.

Drilling the holes took a bit to get the drill to bite through. By the time I drilled a hole, my hands were cramping so bad. Getting older is a real pain.

The overall build part took a bit longer than I had hoped it would take. All in all about 4 hours +/-.

complete 1382332_10201137289818502_1682447964_n

578446_10201137339819752_1439438331_n 482401_10201137334899629_1465755875_n

The test burn was a success as well as the actual cooks. The temp held at 250* pretty easily for nearly 6 hours with only 1 charcoal chimney’s worth of charcoal.

This is going to be a well used cooker for sure, even if it is only at home.

chicken brisket

rib sliced ribs


One comment on “The build

  1. Leslie says:

    On this day all I heard was. I wish I could call and see where the truck is. And I can go pick up the kit. Then after he got it, I know he said he is not dumb. But when smoke is on the mind nothing else is trust me. He would have drilled the holes inside. And after the several shards of metal I found inside from him running in and out during this. He better kiss that ring on his left hand thank you. I kept my cool. And said Its almost done. And then you will get your husband back. I tell you if it wasn’t for him. I wouldn’t know what direction to take sometimes. So there’s times you just have to sit back and wait for the color to return. Better then haulting the whole situation and making it a longer process. God he better be glad i love him.

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