It’s over already? Now what?


It’s hard to believe that our competitive season has already ended, unless I keep some optimistic thoughts about making a major road trip, but that also means spending lots of cash, taking a lot more time off of work and pleading my case to my wife so that I don’t sleep on the couch for a month. I think I’ll just begin the daydreaming process of how to attack next year.

Some of the debates I have within my head include whether or not to add/switch cooking equipment, how/what meats to cook and the consideration of adding teammates. 

I have always had a fondness and a bit of pride for cooking my meat using an offset smoker without any assistance from electronics. This has an unfortunate side effect of sleeplessness. If I were to switch it up and include a smoker like a Backwoods then I could be a bit more refreshed in the morning or a bit more hungover.

During the “offseason” we start to experiment for the 2014 season. This will be a bit more fun with the new KCBS pork rule going into effect and allowing new or at least now legal techniques to be used to cook the “money muscle”. There is also a thought within our team about the chicken category. 

Then there’s the subject of bringing on more teammates. This could resolve a lot of debates. New teammates help split the costs of competing, bring new ideas and can help with the sleeping aspect. This would also help allow us to hit competitions a bit farther away. 

I guess we’ll see what the future holds. Now it’s off to start asking people to give me money so I build up my competition money for next year.