2013 Taste of Downtown Danville

The Taste of Downtown Danville BBQ Competition is in the bag as well as another season for us. There is a slim chance that we may pick up another competition later in the year, but that is not likely.

This year’s competition seemed to be a bit more exhausting than the others, odd because it is only about 5 minutes from home. It had more to do with helping to get the event set up and running errands than actually competing.

Our plan was to have a really good time and half party it up a bit.

Thursday night started it off with dinner with Jason “pitakia” Paliatka ( I asked him to change his last name to make it easier for me). There we had a couple of adult beverages, then we visited one of our sponsors “O’Brien’s Corner Tavern”, if you ever want to enjoy a drink in a relaxed environment definitely go here. The night somewhat ended about 10:30, but why end it there when the teams were still up. I felt a responsibility to stop by and make sure they didn’t need anything.

Yada Yada Yada 12:30 am quickly approached and I decided to go get some rest.

Friday came all too quickly and the work of helping out began. Leslie was a huge help for the event and dedicated her time/back/feet to volunteering. This was going to be a solo event for me. The plan was to start prepping meat around 11 am, by 6 pm I opened the first package of meat. Steven Ward stopped by and offered to volunteer himself and the offer was immediately accepted.

Around 10:30 pm food was prepped and a few moments of rest begin. Smoker started warming up around 12 am and the late night talks with “Beer and Smoking in Las Vegas” ensued. After several beers and a few jello shots the thoughts of being up every hour began to kill the enjoyment of the company I kept.

Saturday morning came before Friday night even ended and the hectic rush of timing everything perfectly begins. I felt like all day long I was one step behind.

Once turn ins came around and the critique of the food started. Chicken seemed pretty decent, Ribs were really good, Pork was ok and brisket didn’t seem like my best.

The judges always seem to have their own opinions and here is what they were thinking:

Out of 25 teams

Chicken: 21st (155.440), I am still struggling with this category the shine could use some work and I was only able to find 6 OK pieces to work with


Ribs: 13th (163.9772), they seemed to be worthy of a call, but just a bit outside.


Pork 8th (169.1084), This was our best score in pork all year.


Brisket 16th (154.2628), This has been a good category for us, but not today. Sorry no picture.

Overall 14th (642.7884), This was our best overall score ever. So the event wasn’t a bust at all. Can’t wait for it to get better next year.

We ended the season so far with these KCBS standings, out of 2564 teams:

Chicken: 661st

Ribs: 543rd

Pork: 465th

Brisket: 428th

Overall: 561st

Thank you to each of our sponsors this year:

82’s BBQ www.82sbbq.com
Dwain Dixson
Jennifer Dixson

Big Ron’s Rubs, www.bigronswebsite.com
Bower’s Tree Service
PB&PA unit #11
Earl Gaudio & Son Distributing, http://gaudiodistributing.com/index.php?id=1

O’Brien’s Corner Tavern located @ 800 E Main, Danville, IL 61832
Downtown Danville Inc. http://downtowndanville.org/calendar.htm


One comment on “2013 Taste of Downtown Danville

  1. Leslie says:

    This is one comp, I can say . I truly loved. Walking through the BBQing neighborhood wearing my volunteer shirt. Yep Jasen was alone on this. If you give me a chance to help I am gonna do it. By the time I landed ship it was around oh dark thirty. Tired from all the trash detail and direction. He had landed a friend who was a big help. I remember him coming to lay down for a few hrs. He woke me up shaking the bed as he climbed in. I asked are you done. He said for about an hr.As he told me about his new partner in crime. He said man I want him to become the next part of us he’s a big help.Maybe he will come to the next comp. That’s all I caught and I was out.

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