Back into the swing of things

That time of the week has begun again. It starts the rush of making sure everything is together for another competition. This time it might be the last one for the season. 

We have had quite the little “vacation” from competing but still have managed to remain in the KCBS top 500 for brisket. We are hoping that this event could help possibly solidify that spot for the rest of the year.

This event is one that I have been really looking forward to all year, as it is potentially bringing all of the teams that we have made friends with throughout the year and from last year’s event together. I have been in contact with some of those teams and making loose plans for Thursday night. Thursday is a pretty safe day to let loose a bit as it shouldn’t affect any cooking. Waking in the morning might be a different story.

During this little break from competing I haven’t taken the opportunity to cook nearly as much as I had hoped. The small offset’s life ended due to a rusted out firebox. So it is being transitioned into a grill and I am now considering building a UDS for small cooks. There is always a light  if you look for it. 

Stay tuned for more information.



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