CBJ demand or lack there of

This post’s topic is relating to the KCBS’s certified BBQ judging classes. 

First off I will say that I do believe that the KCBS does a great job for competition BBQ. You are assured that each event will be ran the same as the last and that it will be judged in the same manner as the last. Each sanctioned event does it’s best to utilize certified BBQ judges. 

With that in mind, I looked up the events from August and the percentage of CBJs for each event. Here are the statistics that I come up with:

Out of 48 events (as of the date of typing), providing CBJ %s, there were 37 events with 100% CBJ and 11 with less than 100%. 

Of the 23% that weren’t fully judged with CBJs, the avg percentage of CBJ was 87%

The avg # of non CBJ was 5 or about 1 judge per table. Now remember that the low score of the table gets thrown out.

Out of all 48 events the avg percentage of CBJ was 97%

Now with these rough stats it brings me to wonder how much of a need is there for KCBS judging classes? 

It seems that classes aren’t being held out of a demand, but more out of a money producer. A quick look a past local events and most are 100% CBJ. Why would it make sense to allow more classes to be held in an area that already seems to be well filled with judges? 

This overflooding of judges only hurts the organizers trying to host a class and judges trying to compete to find an event to enjoy their passion. The KCBS in turn gets membership numbers and fees up. What harm does the KCBS endure if there are too many judges for events? An eventual increase in non-renewals?

Why not research what regions are typically lower in CBJs and encourage organizers to host a class? Hopefully that helps with classes meeting the minimum and gets more judges into an area that lacks. I just feel that the blind question on a sanctioning application of “Would you like to host a CBJ class?” gives a false assumption. 


One comment on “CBJ demand or lack there of

  1. Leslie says:

    This i can say was not our best BBQ. When tasting for the class I was very judgemental. I thought what did he cook this is by no means what I am use to. He has way more talent then this.

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