I need a smoke

I sit here debating the fact that I might be addicted to BBQ’n and find myself losing the argument to the side that I am. The anxiety of possibly not competing until the end of September has me needing a fix from my cooker. This fix will not come from the small one but from cooking up a challenge similar to a comp. Thank goodness I am cooking for a KCBS CBJ class.

This is just what I need. With so much stress going on trying to get things together to try and maybe purchase a restaurant, I need a day or two that I can do what I truly love to do. Make magic from the basics.

You know the addiction lies within you when you start thinking about how to modify normal indoor cooking into an outdoor experience.

An example, a couple of days ago, I actually considered boiling water to make shells & cheese on my Weber kettle. This was stopped after I sifted through the cabinets looking for an old pan.

I might be an addict, but I also know the wrath that would follow had I not contained it to some degree. My wife coming home to find the paint on her new pan set discolored. I might be dumb but I ain’t stupid.


One comment on “I need a smoke

  1. Leslie says:

    oh he has a brain and a heart. I am impressed. He respects my property. Wow he can think of something else when smoke is on the mind.

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