The stress of The Que Life

Here I sit at one of my several jobs that doesn’t involve BBQ and I start thinking about an upcoming wedding that we have been hired to cater. I start making plans for what to purchase and when to start things. With this comes the stress of will I hit a homerun or strike out swinging. I say this because out of all the things that I do BBQ wise catering is the one that worries/stresses me the most.

I can spend $600+ to spend the weekend competing against some of the nation’s best teams and not have an ounce of worry in me. A time when I should be at my most high strung level I am usually pretty calm and laid back. I mean heck there is nearly $1500+ to be won and I am not worried.

Now on the side of catering, I am usually a worry wort. Have I got this ready? Did I do that? Will everyone get plenty to eat and then some? Will I rise to level that I know I can be and provide the meal that exceeds their expectations? Heck will they like my food? Usually a total stranger has put their faith and money into me to make their meal one to remember.

This is why I stress so much about these events. The only thing I have to lose at this point is my name and to me that means everything.


One comment on “The stress of The Que Life

  1. Leslie says:

    AHH the story I was looking for. This man doesn’t have a lick of Romance in his body. He is a lover but not a romantic. But let me tell you. When he talks about his plans for cooking for a wedding. He throws it all together. You see the nervous vein in his head throb as he plans it. But when he see’s the decoration and the beauty of the set up. He has a soft heart. His set up has to be done a certain way. Its gotta be beautiful he says. Just the way he lays the white papers in the wicker baskets for his buns. and has every beautiful piece of cooking utensils laid out. Its gotta be his way. He stress don’t get any of he dirty pans in the way. And don’t let the smoke on the bottom of the cooking pans touch the table clothes. He says I am counting on you.

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