Smokin’ on the Lake, Monroe City, MO

After our last 2 chicken results we were ready to start feeling positive again. We played around a bit at home and felt comfortable about the results. This event was the one to turn things around. With 17 teams and us averaging in the top 50%, our chances of getting a call in each category were very good.

We arrived at the Mark Twain Landing resort Thursday afternoon and got situated into our spot. This time it was a bit unique in that we hooked up to sewer and cable TV. Kinda nice to have all of the creature comforts. The resort had plenty of space to go hide away for awhile and relax, The catch and release pond was my getaway spot. 

The staff was certainly happy to have all of the teams there and did everything they could to make the teams feel wanted. I no sooner put a trash bag by the road and turned around and it disappeared. Ice was cheaper to have them deliver it to than if you wanted to walk and get it yourself.

The only thing that would have been nice was to be able to interact with the teams more. Usually teams are parked across from each other as well as beside. The setup for this event made it that the teams only saw the backside of the other team’s RVs. If that is the only negative thing about this event then there is no reason it won’t grow.

We started our cook off just like any other. The smoker ran smoothly throughout the early morning, late morning it gave me a bit of trouble, but nothing that was devastating. The big meats seemed to cook a bit slower than usual as well as the chicken. Ribs cooked great. The nerves/stress started really hitting around turn-in time. Chicken came off and into the box 



The flavor seemed to be just what we wanted. High hopes for a call.

Ribs came off looking great, tenderness wasn’t right on but nothing to ruin the cook.



Pork was good. Kind of had to search a bit for the pieces that we wanted to use. One money muscle tasted hammy so we opted for the other one. The rest of the  pork that wasn’t turned in needed some more time to tenderize.



The last category, Brisket, seems to be the one that we are doing to really good in this year. Everything about seemed on the mark. The slices just laid over your finger, separating but without breaking. 



At the end of the day the results were read out of 17 teams here is how we did:

Chicken -17th. yup that there is a DAL. If someone out there can please share with me how to cook chicken, I would love to know

Ribs – 12th

Pork – 14th

Brisket – 10th, woohoo at least we got a call.

Overall – 15th

This was a bust for us. Congratulations to everyone that walked and to Salt N Pepper for their GC and Smokin’ Butts for their RGC. 

This is an event that will definitely be on our list if we can make it.


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