Sex isn’t all we think about.

I’m sure it’s not to hard to do a search on what men are thinking and the popular answer would be sex. There are some men out there that aren’t so simpleminded, I include myself as one of those men. What do we think of then? BBQ. Doubt me? Just ask my wife. I figure at least 80% of my day is spent on how I cook, when I cook and who I cook for. With a wide spectrum of history in BBQ it is hard not to. I started, as most men, grilling the backyard. Learning from many newbie/uneducated errors, but easily correctable ones, until I didn’t make my family dread BBQ nights. I have progressed through the ranks, up to professional competitor/caterer/sauce creator.

Today alone, I have thought about what to cook for Mother’s Day. That menu has changed 3-4 times, Our upcoming competition next weekend, time to clean out our cooker, next month’s wedding, tonight’s dinner, when to pick up supplies for the upcoming competition, how nice it would be to open a restaurant and how great it will be to spend the night with my wife (OK there are some thoughts of adult activities that go through my head).

BBQ is more than just throwing some meat on a grill, drinking a couple of beers and then eating. There is a world out there that is eager to teach about techniques, flavors and equipment. Want to really know what goes through an obsessive BBQr’s mind, take a minute, scratch that, take a day and google BBQ or join a forum. You are going to be amazed at everything that you didn’t know about BBQ.


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